Monographs Details: Psidium striatulum DC.
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1969. The botany of the Guayana Highland-part VIII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 18: 1-290.
Scientific Name:Psidium striatulum DC.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - V E N E Z U E L A . Amazonas: Along Rio Orinoco, Isla Raton, elev 125 m, 16 Nov1948 (fl), Maguire & Politi 27319 (MICH). BRITISH GUIANA. "On the Essequiboand Rupunoony," Schomburgk 110 (K, type of P parviflorum: CGE, P, W,isotypes; Field Mus. neg. 23494, based on an isotype at G ) ; 1 mi below Bunawan (?)[illeg.], on rocks in the rapids, elev 700 ft, 14 Nov 1952 (bud). Forest Dept. 7599( N Y ) ; Mapuara River, Forest Dept. 7599 (K); Rupununi River, Smith 2254 (K).S U R I N A M E . Zuid Rivier, 2 k m above confluence with Lucie Rivier, elev 220 m, 17Sep 1963 (fl), h-win et al 55803 (MICH). BRAZIL. Martius, the locahty uncertain[A note by de Candolle on the t5^e says "etait mele avec le P. turbiniflorum sous leno. 32''; the type of the latter is labelled "Rio Negro in sylvis ad Egam." Perhapsboth came from the lower Rio Negro]; Field Mus. neg. 19726, type of P. striatulum(M!), and 19729, type of P. turbiniflorum (M!); Rio Branco: Beira do Rio Branco,entre as Fazendaz Capela e B o m Intento, 7 Nov 1951 (fl). Black 14060 ( M I C H ) ; RioBranco, Ule 7713 (K).


?Psidium turbiniflorum Mart, ex D C , DC. Prodr. 3: 234. 1828.

Psidium parviflorum Benth., Jour. Bot. Hook. 2: 318. 184

For description see Amshoff (Fl. Suriname 3(2): 152. 1951, as Psidium parviflorum). In m y opinion the plant of the Guianas which has been called P. parviflorum, and the plant of the middle and upper Amazon that has been called P striatulum, represent one and the same taxon. The types of P striatulum and P turbiniflorum, both of which I studied at Munich in 1966, seem to represent the same species but the herbage in P turbiniflorum is more pubescent, and the buds a little more open. The similarities between these types, and an isotype of P. parviflorum, are convincingly shown in photographs (Field Mus. negs. 19726, 19729, 23494).

Distribution:Venezuela South America| Guyana South America| Suriname South America|