Monographs Details: Psidium ovatifolium O.Berg
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1969. The botany of the Guayana Highland-part VIII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 18: 1-290.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - VE N E Z U E L A . Apure: Along Rio Cinaruco for 20 k m above Las Galeras de Cinaruco,elev 80-90 m, 24 Jan 1956 (fl, fr), Wurdack & Monachino 41353 (MICH).Bohvar: Along Rio Aro below Cafio Azul, at Hato La Vergarefia, 6°45' N , 63°30' W ,elev 390 m, 28 Mar 1955 (fr), Wurdack 229 ( M I C H ) ; Bajo Rio Paragua, elev 70 m,9 Apr 1940 (fr), Williams 12826 (F); Rio Paragua, between Rio Torono and Saltode Auraima, elev 275 m, 11 Apr 1943 (fr), Killip 37378 {¥). BRITISH GUIANA.Rupununi River, Anderson 686 (K); basin of Rupununi R., Karenambo, 9-13 Oct1937 (bud). Smith 2253 (G, K ; N Y , type of var glabrum; P). BRAZIL. Para:Near Santarem, Spruce 826 ["Psidium (2)"] (M, type; C G E , K, N Y , W , isotypes);Conceigao, along the Rio Juruena, 13 Jan 1952 (past fl), Pires 3908 (MICH);[along the] Rio Tapajoz, Spruce 1032 (K, P).


This species is easily recognized by the large, ovate or lance-ovate leaves, rather long petioles, the glabrous or nearly glabrous herbage and flowers, large buds with open lobed calyx, and often 3-flowered peduncles. A completely glabrous form from British Guiana has been described as Psidium ovatifolium var glabrum Amsh. (Bull. Torrey Club 75: 538. 1948); specimens of this form are scarcely distinguishable from P densicomum except that the leaves are broadly ovate and the peduncles are usually 3-flowered.

The type. Spruce 826 ["Psidium 2"], from Santarem, Para, is a young flowering specimen which I saw at Munich in 1954 (cf Field Mus. neg. 19719). Isotypes are cited below.

According to Wihiams and Killip, this is the most characteristic tree along the banks of the Rio Paragua, forming dense masses, the lower part of the plant often in water. The species is known only from the specimens cited below; presumably it occurs along many rivers from eastern Venezuela to eastern Brazil.

A sheet at N Y (British Guiana, Rupununi R., in savanna, Sep 1948 (fl), W B 110 (Forest Dept. 5649), has the calyx and 3-flowered peduncles of Psidium ovatifolium, is glabrous (but the coroha puberulent!); petioles are only 1-3 m m long, and leaves ehiptic not ovate, and dotted beneath. In some respects this seems to be intermediate between P. ovatifolium and P. aquaticum; conceivably it could be a hybrid between these species.

Distribution:Venezuela South America| Guyana South America| Brazil South America|