Monographs Details: Calycorectes bergii Sandwith
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1969. The botany of the Guayana Highland-part VIII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 18: 1-290.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - S U R I N A M E . Nassau Mts., Marowijne River, in forest on ferro-bauxite, elev550 m, 3 Jan 1955 (fl). Cowan & Lindeman 39089 ( M I C H ) . F R E N C H GUIANA."Bords de I'Acarouany," Jan 1857 (fl), Sagot 272 (P, the plant described by Sagotas C. oblongifolia; K ) ; without deflnite locality, Melinon in 1862 (P, fr), Richard(P, det. Berg as C. latifolius). BRAZIL. Amapa: Serra do Navio, Rio Amapari,forested hills, elev 70-300 m, 23-25 Nov 1954 (fl), Coivan 38549, 38605 (bothMICH).


ICatinga moschata Aubl. PI. Guiane Fr. 511. pi. 263, fig. 1. 1775.

Calycorectes latifolius (Aubl.) Berg, Linnaea 30: 701. 1861, quoad descr., non quoad nom.

Catinga oblongifolia Sagot, Ann. Sci. Nat. VI. 20: 197. 1885, quoad descr

For description see Amshoff (Fl. Suriname 3(2): 107. 1951). The fohowing is supplementary: Racemes 5-10 m m long, 4-8-flowered; buds nearly closed, rounded at tip or obscurely apiculate because of the projecting tips of the 2 outer calyx-lobes; lobes themselves scarcely recognizable as such, the outer pair slightly thickened at the approximate tips, about 0.7 m m long and 1.5 m m wide at base, the calyx Anally sphtting irregularly to the base of the hypanthium; bracteoles triangular, 2 m m long, mostly deciduous at anthesis; disk concave, 4(-5?) m m wide; style 9-12 m m long; petals 4.

Berg, who seems never to have seen any of Aublet's specimens, nevertheless took up the name Eugenia latifolia Aubl., first (Linnaea 27: 224. 1856) for the plant later known as E. wullschlaegeliana Amsh., and later (Linnaea 30: 701. 1861) for a specimen that he saw in Richard's herbarium. On the basis of this latter specimen Berg transferred Aublet's name to Calycorectes, as C. latifolius. Richard's specimen, which I have seen at P, is C. bergii.

Distribution:Suriname South America| French Guiana South America|