Monographs Details: Eugenia wullschlaegeliana Amshoff
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1969. The botany of the Guayana Highland-part VIII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 18: 1-290.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - SU R I N A M E . Culture Garden, Paramaribo, in forest, tree 18 m tah, 8 Oct 1959(fl), /. P. Schulz 8237 (MICH, U ) ; Paramaribo, Wullschlaegel 193 (MICH, W,isotypes); Paulus Creek, Suriname River, 4 Oct 1954 (fl), Mennega 197 (NY).BRAZIL. Maranhao: Maracassume River region, Igarape do Urubuquara, Froes1885 ( M I C H ) ; Campo de Boa Esperanga, Froes 1967 (:MICH, N Y )


Eugenia latifolia Auctt. non Aubl.

Eugenia chrysophylloides Auctt. non DC.

For description and fuh synonymy see Amshoff (Fl. Suriname 3(2): 132. 1951). The range of this species, as noted by Amshoff, seems to be along the coast from Suriname to Maranhao. I have seen few specimens additional to those cited by Amshoff in the Flora of Suriname and (as E. latifolia) in Rec. Trav. Bot. Neerl. 39: 163, 1942

The fine silvery-gray or silvery-brown hairs that clothe the undersurfaces of the leaves and persist at least in protected areas between the veins, form a ready basis for the separation of this species from those with golden or reddish pubescence, e.g., Eugenia chrysophyllum.

Evidently Eugenia wullschlaegeliana is closely related to E. duchassaingiana Berg, of Martinique and Guadeloupe, but the latter has larger and more broadly ovate leaves, longer pedicels, and considerably larger flowers. The aspect, the habit of flowering on leafless nodes, the persistent gray appressed fine pubescence on the leaves, and the pubescence of the flowers are all very much alike in the two species.

Distribution:Suriname South America|