Monographs Details: Eugenia incanescens Benth.
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1969. The botany of the Guayana Highland-part VIII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 18: 1-290.

Eugenia incanescens a elliptica Berg, Linnaea 27: 209. 1856.

Eugenia incanescens ^ parvifolia Berg, Linnaea 27: 209. 1856.

Eugenia incanescens y complicata Berg, Linnaea 27: 209. 1856

Apparently confined to the interior of British Guiana, this species seems to be known only from the original collections cited by Bentham and Berg. The type of the name of the species is Schomburgk 726, from the "Banks of the Rupunoony"; this is also the type of Eugenia incanescens a elliptica Berg. The other specimens cited by Berg were as follows:

(ß parvifolia: Ad ripam fluvii Rupununi, Rich. Schomburgk 1278, Rob. Schomburgk 922 ("v. in hb. Berol. et Vindob."). ÿ complicata: Ad ripam amnis Tacutu, Rich. Schomburgk 538 ("v. in hb. Berol."); ad Pirara, Rob. Schomburgk 340 ("v. in hb. Berol.").

I have seen the type, no. 726, at K, and isotypes at G, and M I C H ; see also Field Mus. neg. 23549. Of the other numbers cited I have seen only no. 922 (G, M I C H ) . The species seems to be a distinctive one, recognizable by its narrow, pubescent, pointed, and reticulate-veined leaves, and the softly pale-pubescent fasciculate flowers on slender pedicels. It is not to be confused with Eugenia biflora and E. inundata, as the leaves show no trace of the glandular pitting so apparent in those species, and the calyx-lobes in E. incanescens are broadly rounded and glabrous on the inner surface.