Monographs Details: Hexagona hirta f. klotzschii (P.Beauv. ex Fr.) Fr.
Authority: Fidalgo, Oswaldo & Fidalgo, Maria E. 1968. Polyporaceae from Venezuela. I. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 17 (2): 1--34.
Description:Species Description - Fruiting body sessile, dimidiate, slightly conchate, with margins curved downwards, and covered with erect, branched hairs, up to 4 mm long; pores 8-13(-15) per cm, elongated in the radial direction, context (0.5-)1-5(-17) mm thick, tubes (1.5-) 2-11 mm long.

Distribution and Ecology - Distribution. It is a very frequent form, present in JMauritius Is., Reunion I., Aladagascar I., Mozambique, Central African Rep., Angola, Congo, Sierra Leone, Mali, Senegal, and others.


Hexagona klotzschii (Berk.) Sacc, Syll. Fung. 6: 357. 1888.

Polyporus (Favolus) klotzschii Berk., Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. 3: 383. 1839.

Polyporus (Apus) sineiisis sensu Klotzsch, Linnaea 8: 482. 1833, nee Fries. Syst. mycol. 1: 345.1821.

Type. Holotype collected by Telfair, deposited at K, isotype at UPS.

Type Locality. Mauritius I.