Monographs Details: Hexagona hirta (P.Beauv. ex Fr.) Fr. f. hirta
Authority: Fidalgo, Oswaldo & Fidalgo, Maria E. 1968. Polyporaceae from Venezuela. I. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 17 (2): 1--34.
Description:Species Description - Fruiting body sessile, dimidiate, applanate, with straight margin; hymenial surface poroid, (3-)4-6(-8) pores per cm, context 0.5-1(-2) mm thick; tubes 1-8 (-11) mm long.

Distribution and Ecology - Distribution. At present I am unable to determine the real distribution of this form since little material has been examined. Literature records cannot be used to determine the limits of each form because the names H. hirta, H . klotzschii, H. crinigera or H. hystrix were used indiscriminately by most of the authors. I believe that H. hirta f hirta is not frequent. So far there is evidence of its presence only in Nigeria, Ghana (Gold Coast), Cameroun, Guinea, and Union of South Africa, Sierra Leone and the Congo.


Favolus hirtus [P. Beauv., Fl. Oware et Benin 1: 1. 18051.

Hexagona crinigera Fr., Epicr. Syst. Mycol. 496. 1838.

Type. Holotype the same as indicated for the species.

Type Locality. Oware, Nigeria.