Monographs Details: Marlierea umbraticola (Kunth) O.Berg
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1969. The botany of the Guayana Highland-part VIII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 18: 1-290.

Myrtus umbraticola H.B.K., Nov. Gen. & Sp. 7: 258 (folio ed. p. 199). 1825.

Myrcia nigrescens D C , DC. Prodr. 3: 246. 1828.

Aidomyrcia nigrescens (DC.) Berg, Linnaea 27: 71. 1855.

A commonly collected species of the basins of the Orinoco and Casiquiare rivers in Colombia and Venezuela, and known also from various stations in Amazonian Brazil. In the Flora of Peru (Field Mus. Publ. Bot. 13(4): 628. 1958) I relegated Myrcia nigrescens to the synonymy of M . amazonica, but in 1966 I was able to restudy the type of M . nigrescens {Martius s n, at M ) , and I now suppose it can only be Marlierea umbraticola or some very close relative of that species. The leaves in the type are broader than usual in M . umbraticola (the narrowest ones about 7.5 cm long and about one-third as wide), and the calyx in bud is evidently but very shortly lobed, splitting, the lobes deciduous. V E N E Z U E L A . Amazonas. Cano Cupaven, Rio Orinoco opposite mouth of Rio Atabapo, elev 125 m, 5 Jun 1959 (fl), Wurdack & Adderley 42821 (MICH).