Monographs Details: Disciphania hernandia (Vell.) Barneby
Authority: Barneby, Rupert C. 1972. New and notable Menispermaceae tribe Tinosporeae. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 22: 137-151.

Fig. 1.

Cissampelos hernandia Vellozo, Fl. Flum. tab. 136. 1835; Arch. Mus. Nac. 5: 428. 1881. "Habitat maritimis."

Taubertia peltata K. Schumann, Bot. Jahrb. Beibl. 38: 3. 1893. "Habitat in Brasilia prov. Rio de Janeiro in monte Ccrcovado, GLAZIOU n. 3862 ([female]) " Isotype, P! Disciphania peltata (K. Schum.) Diels, Pflanzenreich IV, 94: 178. 1910.

Disciphania cryptobotrya Barneby, Mem. N. Y. Bot. Gard. 20(2): 152. 1970. — "BRAZIL. Rio de Janeiro (Distrito Federal): perto da Gavea, Nov, 1899, E. Vic s. n. " Holotype, NY!

With clear taxonomic and geographic separation of the present species and D. contraversa it seems impossible to evade the conclusion that Cissampelos hernandia Veil, is in fact, as Diels suspected, the earhest name for Taubertia peltata K. Schum. The two propositions were equated by Sampaio & Peckolt (Arq. Mus. Nac. Rio de Janeiro 37: 348. 1943), although without formal transfer.

Discussion of the synonymy relating to the two Disciphanias with peltate leaves native to southern Brazil will be found under the next entry.