Monographs Details: Ouratea odora Poepp.
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1989. The Botany of the Guayana Highland- Part XIII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. XIII: 1-127.
Scientific Name:Ouratea odora Poepp.
Description:Species Description - Shrub. Leaves membranous, oblong, shortly acuminate at apex, obtuse, rounded to subacute at base, margins rather uniformly sermlate with 4-5 serrulations per cm, lower surface with prominently elevated lateral nerves and alveolate reticulate tertiary veinlets; the alveolate network enclosed by more prominent elongated subparallel veins, upper surface with prominently impressed or elevated primary lateral nerves and equally prominent subhorizontal and elongated tertiary veins; petioles 7-10 m m long. Inflorescence a few-branched panicle 10-15 cm long with lateral axes 2-5 c m long. Pedicels 7- 12 m m long. Flower bud oblong-ovoid, 7.5-13 m m long. Sepals oblong-ovate, acute to obtusish, 12 m m long, 4 m m wide. Petals oblong or lanceoblong, acute at apex, unguiculate basally, 12 m m long, 6-7 m m wide. Anthers 10 m m long, strongly mgulose. Gynophore 1 m m long in anthesis, equaling the ovary. Style 10 m m long. Drupe oblong-oval, 8 m m long, 4 mm wide.

Distribution and Ecology - Amazonian Brazil and locally along the Rio Orinoco in Venezuela.


Gomphia odora Poeppig ex Engl., Mart. R. bras, 12(2): 334. 1876.

Specimens examined. VENEZUELA, territorio federal amazonas: Selva rebalsera del Cafio Tamatama, Alto Orinoco, 125 m, 17 Jun 1942, Williams 15858 (NY).

Venezuelan collection agrees with O. odora in all respects except for its entire leaf margins.