Monographs Details: Ouratea fasciculata Maguire & Steyerm.
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1989. The Botany of the Guayana Highland- Part XIII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. XIII: 1-127.
Description:Species Description - Fmtex vel arbor, foliis chartaceis elliptico-vel oblongo-lanceolatis apice acuminatis basi cuneatim acutis vel subobtusis 13-32 c m longis 3- 8 c m latis supra medium saepe argute serrulatis (dentibus 2-3 per cm), subtus nervis lateralibus 7-9 prominulis, venulis tertiariis numerosis tenuibus transversis minus prominulis reticulatis, pagina inferiore subvermculosa, supra nervis lateralibus paullo subsulcatis venulis tertiariis manifestis, pagina subvermculosa; petiolis 4-9 m longis; inflorescentiis simplicibus elongatis racemosis multifloris 15-19 c m longis, 3-4 c m latis, pedicellis 8-12 m m longis; floribus fasciculatis secus rhachim 15-20 aggregatis; alabastro ovato obtusiusculo 6-7 m m longo; sepalis oblongo- lanceolatis vel ovatis subobtusis vel acutiusculis 7-8.5 m m longis, 2-4 m m latis; petalis late obovatis apice tmncato-rotundatis basi angustatis 11-12 m m longis, 9-10 m m latis; antheris 5.5-6 m m longis tenuiter transverseque

Distribution and Ecology - K n o w n only from the region of Onoro Creek, Essequibo drainage, Guyana.


Type. Guyana. Palm swamp by first camp, 6 miles east of Onoro Creek, 28 Sep 1952, Forest Dept. Record No. 7227 (Field No. G251) (holotype N Y , isotype N Y )

Specimens examined. GUYANA. Forest Dept. Record No. 7227 (Field No. G251), type, cited above; Plot 3, hill top 7 mi east of Onoro mouth, upper Essequibo, 333 m, 30 Sep 1952, Forest Dept. Record No. 7264 (NY).

This taxon diflfers from O. squamosa (DC.) Engl, of Tobago Island in the elongated, racemiform inflorescence with larger flowers, while it diflfers from O. schomburgkii (Planchon) Engl. especially in the broadly rounded rather than acute petals.