Monographs Details: Trichomanes martiusii C.Presl
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1984. The Botany of the Guyana Highland - Part XII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 38: 1-84.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - General distribution. Eastern Colombia and central Peru to northem Brazil andSurinam.Guayana Highland distribution. Epiphytic on trunks, epipetric, or occasionallyterrestrial. C O L O M B I A . Comis. Amazonas: Rio Miritiparana, Cerro de la GenteChiquita, headwaters of Quebrada Guacaya, Schultes & Cabrera 16527 (US).Comis. A m a z o n a s or Vaupes: Jinogoje, at the mouth of the Rio Piraparana, ca700 ft, Schultes & Cabrera 16713 and 16716 (both U S ) . Comis. Vaupes: CafioTeemeefia, along the Rio Piraparana (a tributary ofthe Rio Apaporis), Schultes& Cabrera 17222 (US); Savanna of Cafio Teemeefia, along the Rio Piraparana,Schultes & Cabrera 17476 (US). V E N E Z U E L A . Terr. Amazonas: Cerro Sipapo(Paraque), vicinity of Base C a m p , Maguire & Politi 28063 ( N Y , U S ) ; 5 k m abovethe mouth of Cafio Cotua and the Rio Orinoco, S W of Cerro Yapacana, 100 m,Steyermark & Bunting 102977 (US, V E N ) ; Yavita, 128 m , Ll. Williams 13943(US); 7-9 k m from Yavita towards Pimichin, 125 m , Steyermark & Bunting,102908 (US, V E N ) ; Maroa, Rio Guainia, 127 m , Ll. Williams 14433 (US); AltoRio Casiquiare, Cafio Pendare, Capihuara, 120 m , Ll. Williams 15752 (US); AltoRio Casiquiare, Capihuara, Ll. Williams 16092 (US); Playa Alto, Rio Cunucunuma,Maguire, C o w a n & Wurdack 29454 (NY, U S ) ; Base of the S E slopes ofCerro Duida, along the Cafio Negro, 260 m , Steyermark 58073 (US); EsmeraldaSavana and S E base of Cerro Duida, 200 m , Steyermark 57833 (US); Along the


Trichomanes plumula Presl, Hymenophyll. 15, 36. 1844. Type. A renaming of T. pilosum sensu Martius pro parte (Icon. Pl. Crypt. 104, t. 651eft. 1834), and so based on t. 651eft or perhaps Serra da Estrella, Est. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Raddi (FI? not seen), which may show the lanceolate fronds depicted in t. 68left

Ptilophyllum martiusii (Presl) Prantl, Untersuch. Morph. Gefaesskrypt. 1: 48. 1875

Type. A renaming of T. pilosum sensu Martius pro parte (Icon. Pl. Crypt. 104, 68right. 1834), and so probably based on Araracoara, Est. Amazonas ("Prov.Rio Negro"), Brazil, Martius (holotype M not seen; isotypes B R not seen photo 4813, L not seen photo 2444).

Distribution:Colombia South America| Venezuela South America| Peru South America| Brazil South America| Suriname South America| Guyana South America|