Monographs Details: Trichomanes lucens Sw.
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1984. The Botany of the Guyana Highland - Part XII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 38: 1-84.
Scientific Name:Trichomanes lucens Sw.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - General distribution. Jamaica. Costa Rica to Bolivia and southern Venezuela.Southeastem Brazil.Guayana Highland distribution. Epipetric, epiphytic, or terrestrial. VENEZU E L A . Terr. Amazonas: S u m m i t of Cerro Marahuaca, 2330-2470 m , Steyermarket al. 126086 (US, V E N ) ; E escarpment of Cerro de la Neblina, upper CaiioGrande basin, 1200-2200 m , Maguire, Wurdack & Maguire 42409 (NY, US).Edo. Bolivar: S u m m i t of M t . Roraima, 2700-2740 m , Steyermark 58906 (US);Summit of N E part of Cerro Roraima, 2750-2800 m , Steyermark, Brewer Cartas,Dunsterville & Dunsterville 112545 and 112553 (US, both V E N ) . BRAZIL. Est. Amazonas: Approaches to Pico Phelps, Cerro de la Neblina, 2500-2800 m, Maguire,M u r q a Pires & Maguire 60485 ( N Y , U S ) .


Trichomanes lambertianum Hooker, Sp. Fil. 1: 139, t. 4IB. 1846. Type. Pillao, Depto. Huanuco, Peru, Ruiz & Pavon (holotype O X F not seen; isotype K photo 19075).

Trichomanes splendidum v. d. Bosch, Nederi. Kruid. Arch. 4: 360. 1858. Syntypes. Bogota, Distr. Esp., Colombia, Hartweg 1531 (syntype L not seen); and Peru, Lechler (syntype L not seen).

The description comes from Hooker (Sp. Fil. 1: 138, t. 41 A. 1846).

Trichomanes auratum Fee, Crypt. Vase. Bres. 1: 186, t. 67, f 1. 1869. Type. Brazil, Glaziou 2465 (holotype P or RB not seen).

Ptilophyllum auratum (Fee) Prantl, Untersuch. Morph. Gefaesskrypt. 1: 48. 1875.

Ptilophyllum splendidum (v. d. Bosch) Prantl, Untersuch. Morph. Gefaesskrypt. 1: 48. 1875

Type. Jamaica, Swartz (holotype S not seen photo 6200; isotype BM not seen photo 6593).

Distribution:Costa Rica South America| Bolivia South America| Venezuela South America| Brazil South America| Guyana South America|