Monographs Details: Trichomanes hymenophylloides Bosch
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1984. The Botany of the Guyana Highland - Part XII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 38: 1-84.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - General distribution. Greater and Lesser Antilles. Mexico to Panama. Colombiaand Ecuador to Guyana, Surinam, Trinidad, and Brazil.Guayana Highland distribution. Epiphytic on tree trunks and epipetric on rocksand ledges. C O L O M B I A . Int. Meta: Extreme N E portion of the Cordillera de LaMacarena, Renijfo Massif, 1300-1900 m , Idrobo & Schultes 1057 (US). V E N E ZU E L A . Edo. Bolivar: S u m m i t ofthe west-central portion of Cerro Jaua, 1922-2100 m , Steyermark 98113 (US, V E N ) ; Lower S E slopes of Auyan-tepui, 460-480 m , Steyermark, Espinosa, McDiarmid & Brewer-Carias 116082 (UC, V E N );Chimanta Massif, summit of Torono-tepui along the Cafio Mojado, 1895-1910m , Steyermark & Wurdack 1070 (NY, U S ) ; Chimanta Massif, Torono-tepui,vicinity of Lower Falls ofthe Rio Tirica, 1000-1090 m , Steyermark & Wurdack1273 (NY, U S ) ; Chimanta Massif, Amuri-tepui ( W sector of Acopan-tepui), ca1850 m , Steyermark, Huber & Carreno E. 128636 (US, V E N ) , 1950 m , 128745(F, V E N ) , 725746 (UC, V E N ) ; M t . Roraima, im Thurn 201 (US).


Trichomanes pyxidiferum sensu Hook. & Grev., Icon. Fil. 2: t. 206. 1831, non L., 1753. Type. Based on St. Vincent, Guilding [194] (holotype K not seen; isotype G H not seen; presumable isotype L not seen photo 2451).

Trichomanes leptophyllum v. d. Bosch, Nederi. Kmid. Arch. 4: 363. 1858, non A. Cunn. in Hooker, 1836, nom. illeg. Type. Based on T pyxidiferum sensu Hook. & Grev.

Type. A nom. nov. for T leptophyllum v. d. Bosch, and so based on the type of that name.

Distribution:Mexico North America| Panama Central America| Colombia South America| Ecuador South America| Guyana South America| Suriname South America| Trinidad and Tobago South America| Brazil South America|