Monographs Details: Trichomanes kapplerianum Sturm
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1984. The Botany of the Guyana Highland - Part XII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 38: 1-84.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - General distribution. Puerto Rico, the Lesser Antilles, and Trinidad. CostaRica, Panama, and Colombia to Peru, the Guianas, and Brazil.Guayana Highland distribution. Epiphytic on tree trunks or rarely epipetric.C O L O M B I A . Comis. Amazonas or Vaupes: Rio Apaporis at the mouth of theRio Pacoa, ca 250 m , Schultes & Cabrera 13092 (US). V E N E Z U E L A . Edo. Bolivar:N portion of Cerro Uroi, on summit, 700 m , Maguire, Steyermark &Maguire 53743 (NY, U S ) . S U R I N A M . Tafelberg, S slopes of the ArrowheadBasin, Maguire 24622 (NY, U S ) .


Didymoglossum cordifolium Fee, Hist. Foug. Lye. Antill. [Mem. Foug. 11]: 113, t. 28, f 4. Type. Martinique, Rivoire (holotype P or R B not seen)..

Hemiphlebium kapplerianum (Sturm in Mart.) Prantl, Unters. Morph. Gefaesskrypt. 1: 46. 1875..

Trichomanes muscoides var. cordifolium (Fee) Jenm., Bull. Bot. Dept. Jamaica 20 [Fems Femallies Jamaica]: 8. 1890..

Trichomanes muscoides var. m/«or Jenm., Bull. Bot. Dept. Jamaica 20 [Fems Fem-allies Jamaica]: 8. 1890. Type. Presumably Jamaica, Jenman (holotype N Y not seen)..

Trichomanes hookeri var. cordifolium (Fee) Bonap., Notes Pterid. 7: 337. 1918..

Trichomanes hookeri var. minor (Jenm.) Domin, Pterid. Dominica 47. 1929..

Trichomanes cordifolium (Fee) Alston, Kew Bull. 1932: 306. 1932.

Type. Suriname River near Station Victoria, Surinam, Kappler 1760 (holotype W not seen).

Distribution:Puerto Rico South America| Trinidad and Tobago South America| Costa Rica South America| Panama Central America| Colombia South America| Peru South America| Guyana South America| Brazil South America| Suriname South America|