Monographs Details: Microdendron
Authority: Smith, Gary L. 1971. Conspectus of the genera of Polytrichaceae. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 21: 1-83.
Scientific Name:Microdendron

Fig. 9, 89.

Holotype: Microdendron sinense Brotherus, Svnib. Sin. 4: 137. t. 5. f. I4. 1929.

Microdendron sinense Broth, is known only from the original locality in the northwest corner of Yunnan, at the Sino-Tibetan border. The type collection (H!) bears young setae, but the capsule is unknown.

The leaves of Microdendron are those of a Pogonatum, but the habit is like that of Dendroligotrichum. The aspect of the cross-section of the leaves, with its vertically elongated ventral cells, is like that of Dendroligotrichum and certain Pogonatum species, as well as Lyellia, Bartramiopsis, and Alophosia. On the basis of its gametophytic characters, Microdendron seems to strengthen the connection between Dendroligotrichum and Pogonatum, although this will be confirmed only when the sporophyte is discovered.