Monographs Details: Spoggodera
Authority: Smith, Gary L. 1971. Conspectus of the genera of Polytrichaceae. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 21: 1-83.
Scientific Name:Spoggodera

Holotype: Catherinea cavallii Negri, Ann. Bot. Roma 7: 168. 1908.

To my knowledge, this generic name has never been validly puldished, having been accompanied only by a desci'iption in French in Potier de la Yarde's paper (1943). I know this plant only from sterile material (PC!). Although originally described as a Catharinea (Negri, 1908), it does not belong to that genus (i.e., to Atrichum), because the leaves are unbordered. The calyptra is described as glabrous, and although there is no mention of stomata in the description, the spongy tissue of the capsule neck (hence the genus name) suggests a highly developed photosynthetic capability.

The seven or eight lamellae are eight or nine cells high, and confined to the nerve. The peristome teeth are described as pale, and without a more deeply pigmented median line. Based on the available information, I would refer this species to Oligotrichum: Oligotrichum cavallii (Negri) G. L. Smith, comb. nov. (Basionym: Catharinea cavallii Negri, Ann. Bot. Roma 7: 168. 1908.)

The only localities known to me are on Ruwenzori and the neighboring Mt. Mikeno in East Africa. Oligotrichum cavallii is probably an alpine plant, to judge from the range of elevations at which collections have been made: 3800-4200 meters.