Monographs Details: Notoligotrichum mexicanum (G.L.S.Merr.) G.L.S.Merr.
Authority: Smith, Gary L. 1971. Conspectus of the genera of Polytrichaceae. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 21: 1-83.

Psilopilum mexicanum G. L. Smith, Phytologia 18: 401. f. a-k. 1969.

Of the eperistomate Psilopilum species, P. bellii alone has been transferred to Notoligotrichum. Psilopilum gymnostomulum and P. afro-laevigatum, because of the similarity of their gametophytes to those of Oligotrichum species such as O. canaliculatum (Hook. & Arnott) Mitt., seem better placed in that genus, as O. gymnostomulum (C. Müll.) Kindb. and O. afro-laevigatum (Dixon) G. L. Smith (1969b). Brotherus (1905) said of Psilopilum ulei, "Diese Art weicht von ihren Gattungsgenossen durch regelmassige, nicht zusammengedriickte Kapsel und durch zuweilen liings sparlich behaarte Haube ab." Evidently, he did not note the absence of any suggestion of stomata in the areolation of the exothecium, which is even more significant.