Monographs Details: Hymenophyllum dependens C.V.Morton
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1984. The Botany of the Guyana Highland - Part XII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 38: 1-84.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - General distribution. Trinidad and Venezuela to Colombia and Ecuador.Guayana Highland distribution. Epiphytic on tree trunks and branches, oroccasionally epipetric on cliffs. VENEZUELA . Edo. Bolivar: Chimanta Massif, S W part of Aparcara-tepui, 1210-1600 m , Steyermark 75056 {¥, N Y , U S ) ; Chimanta Massif, between N W part of Abacapa-tepui and Apacara-tepui, 1200-1600 m , Steyermark 75148 {¥, N Y , U S ) ; S W part of Cerro V e n a m o near the Guyana border, 1300 m , Steyermark & Nilsson 358 (US, V E N ) .


Type. A b o v e Cascada Chorron, S of Antizales, Depto. Bolivar, Colombia, 2000- 2500 m , Pennell 4391 (holotype U S , isotypes G H , N Y neither seen).

O n e specimen from Cerro Marahuaca, Terr. Amazonas, Venezuela {Steyermark 126036, U S , V E N ) will key here but appears to be either a n e w species or a variety of H . plumieri Hook. & Grev., from which it differs in having simple rather than forked hairs on the involucres, in having fewer hairs along the rachis and none ofthe hairs dark brown, and in having more dissected fronds. Its hairs are shorter and more stout than are those of most species of subg. Leptocionium, but are not so extreme as are those of H . nanosteUatum, from which it differs in having simple, rather than forked hairs on the involucres and in having less elongate cells in the laminae. Additional specimens are needed to determine the status of this material.

Distribution:Venezuela South America| Trinidad and Tobago South America| Guyana South America| Colombia South America| Ecuador South America|