Monographs Details: Piptocoma antillana Urb.
Authority: Liogier, Alain H. 1971. Novitates Antillanae. IV. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 21: 107-157.
Scientific Name:Piptocoma antillana Urb.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Mayerhoff, without locaUty, cited by Urban. PUERTO RICO. Cabeza de San Juan, Sintenis 1899; Maricao, Hess 3344, Alain Liogier 9219; Fajardo, Heller & Heller 1177; Santa Ana, Sabana Grande, Britton & Cowell 4029; Rincon, Sabana Grande, I. Velez 364, 952, 1057a, Sargent 683; Susua, Alain Liogier 9878; Cape San Juan, Britton & Britton 9300. VIRGIN ISLANDS. Virgin Gorda, Fishlock 10; St. Thomas, Britton, Britton & Shafer 104, Romig s. n. (1923), Britton & Brynton 273; Tortola, Britton & Shafer 845; St. Jan, Raunkiaer 1916.


Fig 9, V-Z.

The description given by L^rban is quite complete, though the dimensions given for the length of the head are longer than in any of our specimens, which are all about 5 m m long (as against 6 m m in Urban's description). The presence of this species in Hispaniola is doubtful, cited only from one collection. The recent explorations have completely failed to locate it.

Distribution:Dominican Republic South America| Puerto Rico South America| Virgin Islands South America|