Monographs Details: Scutellaria rupicola Alain
Authority: Liogier, Alain H. 1971. Novitates Antillanae. IV. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 21: 107-157.

Type. On limestone cUff, AceitiUar-Cayo, Baoruco Mts., Dominican RepubUc, alt 1300 m, 9 Feb 1969, Alain Liogier 13690 (holotype, NY); 11 Feb 1969, Alain Liogier 13802 (NY).

This plant is very rare in the type locality and difficult to reach on the cliffs. The cordate, glabrous, entire leaves, the longer peduncle, the smaller corolla distinguish it from S. havanensis Jacquin, the widespread species in the West Indies.