Monographs Details: Omphalea triandra L.
Authority: Liogier, Alain H. 1971. Novitates Antillanae. IV. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 21: 107-157.
Scientific Name:Omphalea triandra L.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - HAITI. Grande Riviere, P. E. Christ, cited by Pax & Hoffman and by Urban; Turgeau, Port-au-Prince, Holdridge 2077 (US), Ekman 5675 (S); Petionville, cult. Ekman 1085 (US). DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Gurabito de Yaroa, Alain 11237 (NY), cultivated; Pueblo Viejo, Santiago, .Austin Rodriguez s. n., (1918), (US).


Fig 7, B-D.

Omphalea triandra is also found in Jamaica, with the vernacular name Cob-nut, Pop-nut. Fawcett and Rendle say (Flora of Jamaica 4: 320. 1920) that "the nuts when roasted are equal if not superior to chestnuts." The fruits of this species are edible, as indicated by their vernacular names: .Avellana, Avcllana criolla (Dominican Republic); Noisette, Noisetier du pays (Haiti).

Additional notes on the Cuban species:

Omphalea trichotoma Muell.-Arg. is restricted to western Cuba (Habana, Pinar del Rio and Isle of Pines), growing in coastal thickets, with another species endemic to the Umestone mountains of Pinar del Rio, O. hypoleuca Griseb. Omphalea trichotoma is notable for polymorphism in its leaves. Omphalea hypoleuca is simUar to O. commutata, both of which have smaller glands on the petiole and glabrous flower parts.

Distribution:Haiti South America| Dominican Republic South America|