Monographs Details: Coussarea leptoloba var. mutisii (Standl.) Steyerm.
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1967. The botany of the Guayana Highland--Part VII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 17: 1-439.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Known only from the type collection.


mutisii Standley, Field Mus. Publ. Bot. 11: 199. 1936.

Type. Colombia, Mutis 3606.

I have examined the type collection and can find nothing except the development of the common peduncle to distinguish it from typical C. leptoloba. The characters peculiar to C. leptoloba (pilose corolla, elongated hirsutulous calyx and hypanthium, hirsutulous rays of the inflorescence, pilosulous upper midrib, pubescent axils of lateral nerves on lower surface and pilose midrib of lower side of leaf) are all present in C. mutisii.