Monographs Details: Glossarion
Authority: Carlquist, Sherwin. 1957. Anatomy of Guayana Mutisieae. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 9 (3): 441-476.
Scientific Name:Glossarion
Discussion:Despite the anomalous corolla form of the monotypic genus Glossarion, pollen grains of this plant (fig. 95 A-C) are not unlike those of other genera considered here, since they have a sphaeroidal shape and bear short, broad spines. There is little conclusive evidence for placing Glossarion in the stenopadoid or gongylolepoid line on the basis of pollen alone. The very fine pattern of the inner ektexine (fig. 95 C) resembles that of Stenopadus and its allies. Except for Quelchia and Stifftia, however, none of those genera has such a thick exine. A feature not seen in pollen of any other genera studied here besides Glossarion is the possession of a third ektexine layer. This layer occurs between the two ektexine layers comparable to those found in the other pollen described (fig. 95 B). It was not possible to determine to which of these ektexine layers this deep-staining middle could be referred.