Monographs Details: Appunia angulata (Benth.) Baill.
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1967. The botany of the Guayana Highland--Part VII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 17: 1-439.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Known only from Amazonas, Venezuela. VENEZUELA. Maroa, Rio Guainia, Williams 14402 ad flumina Casiquiari, Vasiva et Pacimoni, 1853-4, Spruce 3343 (type collection of Mapouria spruceana); Spruce 3337 (type collection of Ixora angulata).


Ixora angulata Benth. ex Benth. & Hook., Gen. 2: 114. 1873.

Bellynkxia angulata Mull-Arg., Flora 58 : 465, 475. 1875.

Mapouria spruceana Mull.-Arg., Flora 59: 496, 1876.

Type. Region of the rivers Casiquiare, Vasiva, and Pacimoni, along the Rio Negro, Amazonas, Venezuela, 1853-4, R. Spruce 8887

An examination of the type collection of Mapouria spruceana Mull.-Arg., based on Spruce 3343, shows that it is identical with the collection of Spruce 3337 from the same locality, upon which the type collection of Ixora angulata was based. In Mapouria spruceana there is the characteristic single leaf at the apex of the stem and the peduncle is 3 cm long.

Distribution:Venezuela South America|