Monographs Details: Arrabidaea trailii Sprague
Authority: Maguire, Bassett & Wurdack, John J. 1957. The Botany of the Guiana Highland -- Part II. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 9 (3): 235-392.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - VENEZUELA: Bolivar; high-climbing woody vine, spectacular in flower, calyx dull red, corolla deep red, southwestern-facing slopes of Chimanta-tepui above valley of Rio Tirica, 1000-1700 m, May 16, 1953, J. A. Steyermark 15421. Amazonian Brazil. The first record for Venezuela.


A very robust climber with large leaflets and dense trusses of small, deep red corollas. The fruit and seeds may now be described from the material of Steyermark 15421 and Herb. Jard. Bot. Rio de Janeiro 35630 (coll. Ducke): capsule narrowly elongate-linear, narrowed to the apex, up to 27 cm long, 1-1.2 cm broad, the valves densely minutely lepidote, with somewhat thickened margins and conspicuously raised, thin and sharp, median nerve; seeds traversely oblong, 8-9 mm long, 3-4 cm broad, the body dark brownish-lead-coloured, the wings membranous and whitish-hyaline.

Distribution:Venezuela South America| Brazil South America|