Monographs Details: Piper pterocladum C.DC.
Authority: Yuncker, Truman G. 1955. Plants collected in Ecuador by W. H. Camp. Piperaceae. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 9 (2): 147-170.
Scientific Name:Piper pterocladum C.DC.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - SANTIAGO-ZAMORA ("Oriente"): Cordillera Cutucu, ca 2° 401 S, 78° W, ridge ascending into central Cutucu, 1260 m, Nov 17-Dec 5, 1944, E-1112; 1410-1470 m, E-1161.


These specimens show certain differences, mostly in size, from those previously known of this species, but it is believed that these differences may be due to the stage of development or to environmental conditions. The collector reports the stem as fluted and the spikes as pendent. The pubescence is very minute; the leaves up to 15 cm wide x 31 cm long, with 8-12 nerves on each side; and spikes 8-10 mm thick x 10-12 cm long with a stout peduncle about 1 cm long.

Distribution:Ecuador South America|