Monographs Details: Luzula rostrata Buchenau var. rostrata
Authority: Ebinger, John E. 1964. Taxonomy of the Subgenus Pterodes, Genus Luzula. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 10 (5): 279-304.

Luzula rostrata Buchenau, Das Pflanzenreich 25(4) : 47. 1906.

Hybrids. No naturally occurring hybrids have been reported and none were found during this study. Although this variety occurs in Japan the possibility that it hybridizes with Luzida plumosa var. brevipes from this region seems remote. This results from two peculiarities of this species; first, it blooms much later in the year than does L. plumosa var. brevipes, and second, it is restricted to the mountainous regions of Japan while var. brevipes is usually found at lower altitudes.

This variety is distributed in the higher mountainous regions of Japan (Fig. 8). It can easily be distinguished from variety jimboi by the smaller flowers that are dark purple, and by the smaller ovate anthers and the straight caruncle.

Type. Faurie 2700, collected in Matsumura, Japan, (not seen.)