Monographs Details: Luzula plumosa var. reflexa Wall. ex E.Mey.
Authority: Ebinger, John E. 1964. Taxonomy of the Subgenus Pterodes, Genus Luzula. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 10 (5): 279-304.
Description:Latin Diagnosis - A var. plumosa inflorescentia composita vel decomposita; pedicellis reflexis; laminis basilaribus 6-11 m m latis differt.


This variety is similar to variety plumosa, but differs in that the inflorescence is sometimes decompound; the pedicels are strongly nodding to reflexed, and the blades of the basal leaves are over 6 m m wide. It can also be separated from variety brevipes by the wider leaves and the long hooked caruncle. Most of the specimens examined were collected in the mountainous regions of China (Fig. 6), but no information was availabl as to the altitude at which they grew.

Type. A. Henry 6316; collected in Hupeh Providence, China 1885-88. (GH.)

Hybrids. No naturally occurring hybrids have been found, however, it is possible that this variety hybridizes with Luzula rufescens in northern China and Siberia. This was not possible to determine due to the lack of material.