Monographs Details: Luzula plumosa Wall. ex E.Mey. var. plumosa
Authority: Ebinger, John E. 1964. Taxonomy of the Subgenus Pterodes, Genus Luzula. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 10 (5): 279-304.

Ltizula plumosa Wall, ex E. Mey. Linnaea 22: 387. 1849.

Juncus plumosus Wall, ex E. Mey. Linnaea 22: 387. 1849. (as a synonym of L. plumosa.)

Luzula pilosa (L.) Willd. var. plumosa (Wall. ex. E. Mey.) Franchet, PI. David. 2: 138, 1888.

Juncodes plumosum (Wall, ex E. Mey.) O. Ktze. Eev. Gen. PI. 2: 725. 1891.

This variety is distributed throughout the Himalayan Mountains in northern India, Tibet, Nepal and China (Fig. 6). Most of the specimens examined were collected between 5,000 and 10,000 feet. This variety can easily be distinguished from variety reflexa by its narrower leaves and erect to slightly spread ing pedicels, and from variety brevipes by its erect pedicels and long hooked caruncle.

Type. In the original description no type is listed. However, Meyer mentions that the plant grows in Nepal, and that the name Juncus plumosus is from "Wallichii mscr, in Hookeri herbario." A specimen collected in Nepal by D. Wallich that is in the Royal Botanical Garden (K) is labeled Juncus plumosus Wall. The following note is written on the sheet by E. Meyer, 1844. "Luzulae nova species, Forsteri proxima, L. plumosa nomine descript.'' In the opinion of the author this specimen is the type of this species.

Hybrids. No natural occurring hybrids have been reported, and none were found during this study.

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