Monographs Details: Moronobea
Authority: Maguire, Bassett & Wurdack, John J. 1964. The botany of the Guayana Highland--Part V. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 10: 1-278.
Scientific Name:Moronobea Aubl.

Type species. M . coccinea Aubl.

In America, Moronobea is the largest genus of the Moronoboideae, and is confined to the Guianas and the basins of the Amazon, Negro and Orinoco Rivers. Its several species, especially M . coccinea and M . riparia, provide a copious yellow latex, as do Symphemia and Platonia. that is employed by Indians and local people as a caulking for river boats, an adhesive in instrument fabrication, and a pitch for torch lighting (see Schultes, Bot. Mus. Leafl. 17: 12-24. 1955).

Engler and following him, Vesque, the last two students to consider the genus in its entirety, gave much taxonomic weight to the number of anthers per phalange. Botli of these authors considered the anther number to be sufficiently constant to form the basis of key separation and indeed species delimitation. From the considerably more material that is now available, and especially from the examination of the flowers of many trees by me in the field, it has become clear that the number of anthers per phalange is variable, even in flowers of the same tree, and accordingly has little diagnostic value. The form of anthers and their orientation is of much greater usefubiess for specific delimitation.