Monographs Details: Ocotea guianensis Aubl.
Authority: Maguire, Bassett & Wurdack, John J. 1964. The botany of the Guayana Highland--Part V. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 10: 1-278.
Scientific Name:Ocotea guianensis Aubl.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Distribution. Spectacular tree of varying height with dioecious flowers, originally described from French Guiana, occurring generally throughout the Amazon Basin as far west as Colombia. VENEZUELA. Bolivar: common understory tree, forested area on top of ridge in vicinity of km 134 bordering headwaters of Rio Cuyuni, N E of Luepa, Steyermark & Nilsson 510 (st. NY); in rainforest between Camp 2 and Camp 3, slope forest, Tirepon-tepui, Wurdack 34052 ([male] fl. NY); southwestern-facing forested slopes of Chimanta-tepui (Torono-tepui), between Base Camp and steep slopes above valley of Rio Tirica, Steyermark 75417 (fr. NY); selva pluvial, Zone: campo diamantifero Uaiparu, region de los Rios Icabaru, Hacha, y cordillera sin nombre a 280° de la cabeceras del Rio Hacha, Bernardi 2742 (fr. NY), 2801 ([male] fl. NY); cerca de la boca del Icabarii, Rio Caroni, Cardona 1676 (st. NY); en la margen de la selva de tierra firme, Victorino, Rio Guainia, Williams 14817 ([male] fl. F ) ; along Rio Guainia, just below Banderita, Wurdack & Adderley 44193 ([male] fl. NY). COLOMBIA. Intendencia del Meta: Sierra de la Macarena, scrub forest on summit of Approach Ridge, Central Mountains, PhiUpson & Idrobo 1882 (fr. BM, NY).


Ocotea guyanensis Aublet, PI. Guiane 4: pl. 310. 1775.

Type. French Guiana, Aublet (possible isotype ? fr. GH).

Meissner recognized three varieties of this widespread species, argentea, sericea, aurea, but I agree with Mez that these should be considered as one species for the distinction in each variety is a minor one. The strict, ascending habit of the leaves, with brightly colored, sericeous under surfaces, sets the species apart without question. Except for these last-mentioned striking leaf-characteristics, O. guianensis is similar to O. glomerata with which complex it is probably most closely associated.

Distribution:Venezuela South America| French Guiana South America| Colombia South America|