Monographs Details: Gavarretia terminalis Baill.
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1967. The botany of the Guayana Highland--Part VII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 17: 1-439.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Upper Orinoco, Rio Icabaru, Venezuela; Rio Negro (Rio Preto), Sao Paulo de Olivenca, Manaos, Brazil; Upper Mazaruni, British Guiana. VENEZUELA. Amazonas: Rio Guainia, along Pimichin-Yaribo road, near Pimichin, alt 130-140 m, 14 Apr 1953, Maguire & Wurdack 35596 (fr. NY) ; Bolivar: region de los rios Icabaru, Hacha y cordillera sin nombre a 280° de los cabecaras del Rio Hacha, alt 450-850 m, 23 Dec-15 Jan 1956, Bernardi 2682 (fr. NY). BRAZIL. Amazonas: Rio Negro, Preto, Nov 4, Nov 14, 1947, Froes 22739, 22848 (sterile NY); Municipality Sao Paulo de Olivenca, terra firma, 26 Oct-11 Dec 1936, Krukoff 8916 (female fr. NY); Manaos, Pensador, 19 Oct 1935, Duckc 228a. 95 ser. no. 31955 (male, female NY). BRITISH GUIANA. Upper Mazaruni River, rare in Dicymbe forest at alt 550 m, Kataima, 17 Nov 1951, Maguire & Fanshawe 32638 (fr. NY) ; upper Mazaruni River, Imbaimadai Savannas, rare in scrub woodland between Imbaimadai airstrip and Mt. Yamanaik at alt 1200 m, 23 Oct 1951, Maguire & Fanshawe 32218 (female NY); upper Mazaruni River basin, south bank of Utschi River alt 550 m, 27 Oct 1960, Tillett & Tillett 45826 (female NY).


Type. San Carlos on Rio Negro, Venezuela. Spruce 3087 in herb. Lessert Mus. Paris (isotype and photo of holotype in NY).

The original description of Baillon was based on female specimens alone, as were the generic concepts of Bentham and Muller-Argoviensis. With the exception of collections made near Manaos by Ule and Ducke no other collections have so far yielded male specimens. These showed the male flowers to have a valvate, 4-lobed calyx, very numerous (more than 30) stamens, thin curved filaments, no rudiments of ovary, and no discus. Based on the shape and size of leaves two groups can be distinguished: a) Leaves small (7.5 X 4.5 cm), obovate, with acute base and rounded tip, glabrous (San Carlos, Manaos, Olivenca). b) Leaves large (17 X 9 cm), elliptic, sparingly stellate haired (British Guiana, Icabaru, Pimichin, Rio Preto).

Distribution:Venezuela South America| Brazil South America| Guyana South America|