Monographs Details: Hypolytrum schraderianum Nees
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1967. The botany of the Guayana Highland--Part VII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 17: 1-439.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Relatively widely distributed in Brazil from southern states, Santa Catarina, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Alinas Geraes, northwestward to the Brazilian-Colombian and the Brazilian Venezuelan border in western Amazonia, and to the Pacific Coastal Region of Colombia (Valle). VENEZUELA. Amazonas: Rio Yatua, Piedra Tururumeri, occasional in forest, alt 110-200 m, Maguire, TYurdack ct’ Bunting 37495. COLOMBIA. Valle: Pacific Coastal Region, Rio Naya, Puerto Merizalde, alt 5-20 m, Cuatrecasas 14008-A (COL, US); Vaupes: Rio Vaupes, Circasia, sandy savannah, quarzite base, alt 800 ft, Schultes & Cabrera 19679 (COL, US); Rio Piraparana, tributary of Rio Apapopris, Cano Paca, Schultes & Cabrera 17584 (COL, US). BRAZIL. Para: Highway BR 22, Km 55, forest, Prance & Silva 58885; Tapajoz, Itapacuru Americano, Kuhlmann 1898 (RB); Tombos: Fazenda da Vargem Alegre, Mello Barreto 1600 (RB); Rio de Janeiro: Tingua, Brade 18628 (RB); Glaziou 11652 (isotype of H. microstachyum K); Pilar, Kuhlmann & Brade 24127 (RB); Angra dos Reis, Serra do Mar, alt 500 m, Brade 14950 (RB); without definite locality, Glaziou 17876 (isotype of H. macrophyllum K) ; Riedel in March 1899 (LE); Sao Paulo: Alto da Serra, Gehrt 8364; Santa Catarina: in forest at Ribeirao-fresco, Ule 888 (US).


Beera latifolia Schrader ex Nees, Fl. Brasil. 2(1): 66. 1842. Invalid name in synonymy.

Epilytrum latifolium Schrader ex Nees, Fl. Brasil. 2 : 66. 1842. Invalid name in synonymy.

Hypolytrum microstachyum Bockeler, Cyper. Nov. Heft 1 [Beitr. Kennt. Cyper.], 23. 1888. Syn nov.

Hypolytrum macrophyllum Bockeler, Allg. Bot. Zeitschr. 2: 78. 1896. Syn nov. Not of Bockeler, 1878.

Type. In sylvis ad Rio de Janeiro, Prov. Rio de Janeiro, [Brazil], Martius 3543 (lectotype chosen here M!); inter Viliam Rican et Tejuco, Alinas Geraes, [Brazil], Martius 3544 (syntype M!).

Examination of the two isotypes of Glaziou’s collection at Kew indicated that H. microstachyum and H. macrophyllum are identical with H. schraderianum. Incidentally, the name, H. macrophyllum Bockeler (1896), is a later homonym of H. macrophyllum Bockeler (1878), which is a species of Mapania (see under M. macrophylla). From the description, H. selloianum also seems to be identical with H. schraderianum, but the type collection, Sellow s.n. from Brazil, was not available for study. A specimen from Rio Naya, Colombia, Cuatrecasas 14008-A, which is the only collection examined from the Pacific Coastal Region of South America, does not show any taxonomic difference from Amazonian basin specimens.

Distribution:Venezuela South America| Colombia South America|