Monographs Details: Xyris lanulobractea Steyerm.
Authority: Maguire, Bassett & Wurdack, John J. 1964. The botany of the Guayana Highland--Part V. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 10: 1-278.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Distribution. Infrequently collected herb of wet sandy areas, apparently confined to the Gran Sabana. Other than the type collection we have only Maguire 33234, from savanna between Uarupata and Enemasic at alt. 1000 m.


Type. Swampy ground, alt. 1200 m, Kavanayen, Gran Sabana, Bolivar, Venezuela, Steyermark 59336 (isotype NY).

Distribution:Venezuela South America|