Monographs Details: Orectanthe
Authority: Carlquist, Sherwin. 1960. Anatomy of Guayana Xyridaceae: Abutboda, Orectanthe and Achtyplola. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 10: 63-117.
Scientific Name:Orectanthe Maguire
Discussion:An inflorescence axis of only one species, 0. sccptrum (fig. 55), was sectioned. This stem showed a number of noteworthy features. A sclerified epidermis is present. Beneath this are about two cell-layers differentiated as a hypodermis. The remainder of the cortical zone consists of spongy chlorenchyma. Within the chlorenehyma are a number of bundles, most of which have a sclerenchymatous sheath. The sclerenchyma ring contains a number of bundles, not disposed in concentric circles. The thin-walled ground tissue intergrades into the sclerenehyma ring. Bundles of the sclerenchyma ring and central ground tissue are intermediate between amphivasal and collateral patterns.