Monographs Details: Abolboda macrostachya Spruce ex Malme var. macrostachya
Authority: Carlquist, Sherwin. 1960. Anatomy of Guayana Xyridaceae: Abutboda, Orectanthe and Achtyplola. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 10: 63-117.
Discussion:(fig. 53). In the section shown, the cortical tissue consists of non-photosynthetic parenchyma, At higher levels, chlorenchyma is present interior to one or two layers of hypodermis. In addition to the bundles at the outer margin of the sclerenchyma ring, there are a few embedded in its inner margin (fig. 53). Many bundles occur in the thin-walled central ground tissue. Each of these bundles possesses a few liquified elements near the phloem pole. Such elements are absent at lower levels.