Monographs Details: Orectanthe sceptrum (E. G. H. Oliver) Maguire
Authority: Carlquist, Sherwin. 1960. Anatomy of Guayana Xyridaceae: Abutboda, Orectanthe and Achtyplola. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 10: 63-117.

Both typical O. sceptrnm and subsp. Occident alls (fig. 30) are alike in having leaves thinner than those of O. ptaritepuiana. They are like leaves of O. ptaritepuiana in all details of anatomy except that (1) they often have an abaxial hypodermis nearly as wide as the adaxial one, (2) they have a prominently sclerified epidermis, and (3) the bundles are round, not elongate, in outline. The thickenings on the walls of the epidermis are narrowest on the outer wall. In upper levels of the leaf of O. scrptruin subsp. occidentalis, the parenchyma of the hypodermis and bundle-sheath extension was found to be more thick-walled and lignified. A section of the sheath portion of the leaf in this subspecies reveals that the structure of this portion of the leaf is identical with that of the leaves of the larger-stemmed abolbodas.