Monographs Details: Raveniopsis linearis (Gleason) R.S.Cowan
Authority: Maguire, Bassett & Wurdack, John J. 1960. The botany of the Guayana highland--Part IV. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 10: 1-37.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - VENEZUELA: Summit of Mount Duida, alt. 1050-1657 m, Dee 1929, G. E. H. Tate 531 (type collection); same locality, Steyermark 58133 (NY), 58212 (NY).Endemic to Cerro Duida, at 1050-1675 m elevation, along the banks of streams.


Fig. 14.

Bavenia linearis Gleason, Bull. Torrey Club 58:375. Jun 1931.

This is by far the smallest-flowered species, and the size and shape of the leaves furnish further distinguishing characteristics.

Distribution:Venezuela South America|