Monographs Details: Macrolobium pendulum Willd. ex Vogel
Authority: Cowan, Richard S. 1953. A taxonomic revision of the genus Macrolobium (Leguminosae-Caesalpinioideae). Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 8 (1): 257-342.
Description:Species Description - Tree 8-20 m. tall, the branchlets very minutely puberulous or rarely glabrous. Stipules 5-12 mm. long, 0.5-1.5 mm. wide, persistent, linear to falcate-linear, ciliolate, acuminate. Petioles 4-12 mm. long, canaliculate, glabrous orvery minutely puberulous on the upper surface; rachis rudiment 4.5-10.5 mm. long, persistent, acicular. Leaflets 5.5-11.5(-15) cm. long, 2-5(-6) cm. wide, arcuate-elliptic, the base inequilateral, acute, the apex acute with obtuse extremity, glabrous or sparingly and very minutely puberulous at the base of the upper surface, sometimes punctate beneath; costa plane above, salient beneath, the venules prominulous to prominent. Inflorescences 7-10.5 cm. long, glabrous, pendent, the peduncles 3-6 mm. long, the flowers distant, the buds lanceolate, acuminate; bracts 1.5-2 mm. long, 1-1.5 mm. wide, caducous, oblong, acute, glabrous except for the ciliolate margin; pedicels 7-12 mm. long; bracteoles 8.5-10.5 mm. long, 2-4.5 mm. wide, lanceolate, acuminate, glabrous or sometimes sparsely puberulous within at the base. Hypanthium 1-2 mm. long, sessile or on a 0.5 mm. long stipe, glabrous. Sepals four, 3.5-6 mm. long, 1-3.5 mm. wide, oblong, elliptic or lanceolate, the adaxial one obtuse, the others acute or acuminate, glabrous except for the tuftedciliate apices. Petal blade 4.5-5 mm. long, 6.5-7.5 mm. wide, transversely oval, the claw 2.5 mm. long, auriculate basally, glabrous externally, villosulose within on the claw and into the throat of the blade. Filaments 11.5-21 mm. long, glabrous. Stigma usually simple. Style 14-19.5 mm. long, glabrous. Ovary 2-3 mm. long, 1-1.5 mm. wide, elliptic to oblong, glabrous, 2-ovulate; gynophore 3-3.5 mm. long, glabrous, inserted at the apex of the adaxial wall of the hypanthium. Fruit 6-8 cm. long, 4-5.5 cm. wide, oval, glabrous, the carpophores 6-7 mm. long, glabrous. Seeds 1-2 per fruit, about 3-5 cm. long, 3 cm. wide, oval, the testa crustose, venose.


Figure 11.

Macrolobium racemigerum Tulasne, Arch. Mus. Par. 4:174. 1844.

Vouapa pendula (Willd. ex Vogel) Taub. Bot. Centralbl. 47: 394. 1891.

Vuapa pendula (Willd. ex Vogel) Kuntze, Rev. Gen. 1: 212. 1891.

Vuapa racemigera (Tul.) Kuntze, Rev. Gen. 1: 212. 1891.

Although the type of this species has not been available for study, Vogel's description leaves no doubt of the identity of the group. Apparently he adopted an herbarium name of Willdenow's, supplied it with a description, and attributed it to the latter.

This is one of the most distinct species of this section and is not likely to be confused with any other group. The persistent stipules and rachis rudiment alone are important distinguishing characters, but the pendent racemes of widely separated flowers are also distinctive. These characters serve to differentiate it from its relatives M. palustre and M. savannarum.