Monographs Details: Macrolobium flexuosum Spruce ex Benth. var. flexuosum
Authority: Maguire, Bassett, et al. 1953. The Botany of the Guayana Highland. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 8 (2): 87-160.
Description:Species Description - Tree with flexuose branches, 5 m. tall, the branchlets pilose. Leaf blades oblong-elliptic, 10-11-jugate, the pairs of leaflets 10-16 mm. apart; rachis 11-14 cm. long, pilosulose. Leaflet base obtuse on the upper side, acute on the lower side, the apex rotund and acutely emarginate, the costa impressed above, the venules obscure on the under surface. Inflorescences 3.5-4.5 cm. long; bracts 3 mm. long, 1.5 mm. wide, puberulous on the outer surface; bracteoles 6.5 mm. long, 3.5 mm. wide, appressed-puberulous on the outer surface. Hypanthium 2 mm. long, sparsely pilosulose. Sepals with the adaxial pair united at the base. Petal blade about 4 mm. in diameter, orbicular, the claw 7-7.5 mm. long. Filaments about 15 mm. long. Ovary pilose marginally, puberulous on the lateral surfaces, 4-ovulate.


Vouapa flexuosa (Spruce ex Benth.) Taub. Bot. Centxalbl. 47: 393. 1891.

Vuapa flexuosa (Spruce ex Benth.) Kuntze, Rev. Gen. 1: 213. 1891.

Type Collection: R. Spruce 2593, "Falls of Panure," Rio Vaupes, Amazonas, Brazil, Sept. 1852 (HOLOTYPE K, isotypes G, GH, NY, P, W). Known only by the type collection.