Monographs Details: Ceratostema pensile (A.C.Sm.) A.C.Sm.
Authority: Smith, Albert C. 1952. Plants collected in Ecuador by W. H. camp. Vaceiniaceae. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 8 (1): 41-85.

Periclesia pensilis A. C. Smith, Contr. U. S. Nat. Herb. 29: 364. 1950.

As mentioned in the above discussion, the connate filaments hardly serve to keep Periclesia apart from Ceratostema. In its more fundamental characteristics the present species seems closest to C. peruvianum, differing in its glandular-pilose inflorescence with large bracts and bracteoles, as well as in its essentially glabrous leaves. Thus far C. pensile is known only from the type collection, Steyermark 53798.