Monographs Details: Burdachia sphaerocarpa A.Juss. var. sphaerocarpa
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1978. The botany of the Guayana Highland--part XI. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 32: 1-391.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Distribution. VENEZUELA. Amazonas: 0-0.5 km NE of San Carlos de RíoNegro, secondary forest and open areas, elev 120 m, Liesner 3685 (MICH). BRAZIL. Amazonas: terra firme, capoeira, Igarape de S. Raimundo, Manaus, Almeida [INPA 3103] (INPA); primary forest, terra firme, 5 km upstream from junction of Rios Cuieiras and Branquinho, Campbell et al P21924 (MICH); Barcelos, Rio Domani, Duarte 7159 (INPA); Parintins, Ducke 142 (A); Ducke 142a (NY); igapo, Borba, Rio Madeira, Ducke 461 [RB 34636] (A, MO, NY, RB, US); margem, Igarape da Cachoeira Grande, Ducke 780 (INPA, MO, NY, RB, US) & 793 (MO, NY, US); terra firme, margem do Rio l9ana, Froes 21413 (IAN, NY, US); W bank of Rio Negro, N of Manaus, Gentry & Ramos 12891 (MICH); praia alagavel do rio, Maues, Pires 37 (NY); forest on terra firme, Rio Cuieiras just below mouth of Rio Brancinho, Prance et al 14996 (MICH, NY); high muddy river bank, Rio Negro between mouth of Rio Caures and Barcelos, Prance et al 15138 (MICH, NY); Rio Cuieiras above mouth of Rio Brancinho, flooded river bank. Prance et al 17728 (MICH); margem do Rio Purus, Cachoeira de Lindoia, Rodrigues 308 (INPA); carrasco arenoso, Manaus, Rodrigues 984 (INPA, US); Ponta Negra, Manaus, Rodrigues & Coelho 2087 (INPA); Porto de Manaus, baixo Rio Negro, regiao de Cacau-Pirera, Rodrigues & Jaccoud 8886 (INPA); Manaus, Schwacke III 266 (RB). Para: praia do Lago de Faro, Ducke [RB 14189] (RB).

Discussion:la. Burdachia sphaerocarpa Adr. Jussieu var sphaerocarpa Burdachia atractoides Niedenzu, Arb. Bot. Inst. Ak. Braunsberg 5: 59. 1914. Syntypes. Amazonas, Brazil, Glaziou 13592; Manaus, Schwacke III 266 (RB!). The collection from Rio l├žana, Froes 21413, has unusually wide leaves and 2-6 flowers in each cincinnus instead of the 1-2 found in most plants of Burdachia sphaerocarpa. Perhaps it deserves recognition as a variety, but that would best await further collection, especially of material with flowers.
Distribution:Venezuela South America| Brazil South America|