Monographs Details: Pohlia chilensis (Mont.) A.J.Shaw
Authority: Buck, William R. 1987. Bryostephane Steereana: A Collection of Bryological Papers Presented to William Campbell Steere On The Occasion of His 80th Birthday. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 45: 1-749.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - This species occurs on the Volcan del Fuego in Guatemala, and at high altitudes in Bolivia, Peru and Chile. The plants are rather slender, usually somewhat glossy, and have polysetous inflorescences. The peristome is double and relatively well developed, although the endostomial segments are narrow and without perforations along the keels. Cilia are rudimentary or absent and the peristomial formula (Edwards, 1979) is 4:2:4. In addition to the type, a second specimen of P. chilensis is in the Paris herbarium and is labeled in the same handwriting as is the type. The second specimen was first labeled Leptostomum menziesii, but was later annotated as Leptoclaena chilensis. The only locality recorded is "Chili," and the collector was Bertero. It is unfortunate to have to replace the name P. polycarpa with P. chilensis since the former is well established and is descriptive of the plant.


Leptochlaena chilensis Mont., Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot. ser. 3,4: 105. 1845; Mielichhoferia chilensis (Mont.)Min., J. Linn. Soc, Bot. 12: 324. 1869. Type: CHILE. "Ad truncos arborum prope S.-Iago," Gay 69 (lectotype PC).

Bryum polycarpum Mitt., J. Linn. Soc, Bot. 12: 293. 1869; Webera polycarpa (Mitt.) Jaeg., Ber. Tatigk. St. Gallischen Naturwiss. Ges. 1873-74: 134. 1875; Pohlia polycarpa (Mitt.) Broth, in Engler & Prantl, Nat. Pfl. 1(3): 548. 1903. Lectotype: NY!

Bryum aggregatum C. MiiU., Bull. Herb. Boissier 5: 181. 1897; Webera aggregata (C. Müll.) Par., Ind. Bryol. 1343. 1898; Pohlia aggregata (C. Müll.) Broth. in Engler & Pranti, Nat. Pfl. 1(3): 547. 1903. Lectotype: BM-Hampe!

Pohlia pluriseta Herz., Beih. Bot. Centralbl. 26: 71. 1910. Lectotype: JE!

Distribution:Guatemala Central America| Bolivia South America| Peru South America| Chile South America|