Monographs Details: Bryum pseudotriquetrum (Hedw.) P.Gaertn., B.Mey. & Scherb.
Authority: Buck, William R. 1987. Bryostephane Steereana: A Collection of Bryological Papers Presented to William Campbell Steere On The Occasion of His 80th Birthday. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 45: 1-749.
Discussion:Three plants, 1.45-1.56 m; in all, the stems dark red and the leaves long decurrent. Plants and isolated leaves of Bryum were abundant in the deposit. It is possible that additional species are represented based on the variation observed in leaf characters (shape, presence or absence of decurrencies, cell size, costa length, features of the margin), but without adequate keys the determination of sterile plants is problematic.