Monographs Details: Tortula ruralis (Hedw.) P.Gaertn., B.Mey. & Scherb.
Authority: Buck, William R. 1987. Bryostephane Steereana: A Collection of Bryological Papers Presented to William Campbell Steere On The Occasion of His 80th Birthday. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 45: 1-749.
Discussion:Three plants, 21 single leaves, 1.45-1.56 m. The fossils are poorly preserved, although they present a sufficient number of characters to be assigned unequivocally to Tortula. Most of the leaves have lost their awns, but in one juvenile leaf the awn is smooth and hyaline as in T. ruralis, but T. norvegica (Web.) Wahlenb. ex Lindb. cannot be mled out.