Monographs Details: Braithwaitea sulcata (Hook.) A.Jaeger
Authority: Buck, William R. 1987. Bryostephane Steereana: A Collection of Bryological Papers Presented to William Campbell Steere On The Occasion of His 80th Birthday. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 45: 1-749.

n = 10. Figs. 58-60.

Braithwaitea is a monotypic genus. The chronosome number, n = 10, for B. sulcata was first eported by Ramsay (1983a). Additional popuations studied here were found to have the same chromosome number (Table I, Appendix I) of n = 10 (Figs. 58-60). The ten bivalents consist of four larger, four intermediate and two smaller ones. The chromosome number n = 10 has not been found among species of Hypnodendron so far counted.