Monographs Details: Malaxis Sol. ex Sw.
Authority: Ackerman, James D. 1995. An orchid flora of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 73: 1-203.
Scientific Name:Malaxis Sol. ex Sw.
Description:Genus Description - Plants caespitose, sympodial, terrestrials, rarely epiphytes. Roots fleshy. Stems pseudobulbous, fleshy, conical. Leaves nonarticulate, 1 to several, convolute, generally plicate, sometimes conduplicate. Inflorescences terminal, erect, racemes or subumbels few- to many-flowered. Flowers small, resupinate or hyperresupinate (twisted 360 degrees). Sepals subequal, spreading; lateral sepals often basally connate, margins revolute. Petals mostly filiform-linear. Lip sessile, cordate to hastate, with a shallow nectary. Column short and stout, lacking a foot; stigma transverse, confluent under the rostellum; anther terminal; pollinia 4, waxy, lacking caudicles, viscidia mminute. Fruit a capsule.

Discussion:Malaxis Solander ex Swartz, Nov. Gen. Sp. PL Prodr. 119. 1788. Type species. Malaxis spicata Swartz of the Antilles, Bahamas, and Florida (U.S.A.). A cosmopolitan genus of about 300 species. The generic names refers to the soft, tender texture of the leaves. Special Literature. Dod, 1986; Schick et al., 1987.