Monographs Details: Acroporium
Authority: Sharp, Aaron J., et al. 1994. The Moss Flora of Mexico. Part Two: Orthotrichales to Polytrichales. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 69 (2)
Scientific Name:Acroporium
Description:Species Description - Plants slender to fairly robust, usually in dense, yellowish or golden mats. Stems creeping; branches numerous, erect or ascending, densely foliate, often cuspidate-tipped. Leaves erect- or wide-spreading and sometimes homomallous, concave to tubulose, lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, acuminate; margins erect or incurved, entire or sermlate above; upper cells linear, thick-walled, often porose, mostly smooth; alar cells large, inflated, sharply defined. Setae slender, elongate, red, often rough above; capsules suberect to nodding, oblong-ovoid; operculum slenderly long-rostrate; exothecial cells collenchymatous; exostome teeth with a median furrow, cross-striations below, and papillae above; endostome yellowish, with broad, keeled segments arising from a high basal membrane and cilia single, paired, or sometimes mdimentary. Calyptrae cucullate, sometimes ± roughened above.

Discussion:Golden plants with cuspidate branch tips, concave leaves with large, colored, obliquely arranged alar cells, and furrowed exostome teeth characterize this genus of close relationship to Sematophyllum.