Monographs Details: Pseudoleskeella
Authority: Sharp, Aaron J., et al. 1994. The Moss Flora of Mexico. Part Two: Orthotrichales to Polytrichales. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 69 (2)
Scientific Name:Pseudoleskeella
Description:Genus Description - Plants very slender, in dense, rigid, dull, dark-green or brownish mats. Stems freely to subpinnately branched; paraphyllia none; pseudoparaphyllia foliose. Stem and branch leaves slightly differentiated. Stem leaves erect, often slightly incurved, sometimes subsecund at the tips, erect-spreading when dry, ovate or ovate-lanceolate, acute to acuminate, not or slightly biphcate at base; margins narrowly recurved in the lower half or more, entire or occasionally serrulate near the apex; costa variable, often ± forked and ending at or below midleaf or very short to nearly lacking, sometimes double (and extending as much as 2/3 up the leaf); cells small, thick-walled, smooth or obscurely bulging-papillose at back, rounded or slightly elongate and oval, those at the basal margins subquadrate in several rows. Dioicous. Perichaetial leaves erect, narrowly acuminate from a ± sheathing base. Setae smooth; capsules inclined and asymmetric, oblong-cylindric, contracted below the mouth when dry, red-brown; annulus narrow; operculum obliquely rostrate from a convex-conic base; exostome teeth yellowish; cilia of endostome paired or sometimes rudimentary. Calyptrae naked.